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Welcome to Golden State Logistics!

Golden State believes that the only thing we have to offer is service, and as a result we insist on providing the best that can be bought.  While we have the capability of performing miracles, I believe that miracles are only necessary when there is a failure to plan, and we work closely with our clients to carefully plan the job that needs to be done. 

We have the capability of doing some awesome things, and we promise to tell you when a job is outside of our capabilities.  Generally, we can then refer you to a vendor that can handle these jobs. 

We believe in being a good corporate citizen, and encourage you to lead your company the same way.  We have taken a stand on issues that affect our industry, and have provided leadership even to our competitors on tough issues that require the industry to take action.

We only ask that you give us the opportunity to work with you on your transportation and handling needs as it applies to import and export cargo moving through Southern California.  You won't be disappointed.