Commitment to Service



If we don't tell you what we did, we might as well have not done it!

Our goal is to communicate, communicate and communicate.  With electronic status reports, email, and phone calls, we will keep you informed from the beginning to the end! We have staff at the office 24 hours a day when the port is open.  They keep our systems up to date; communicate and solve problems for the fleet, and then give you a wrap up as progress is made.   

Need Predictability?

We spend a lot of resources predicating our capacity and capabilities so we do not over-commit.   We hate to say "no", but we would rather be honest than fail you.   

Knowing Who's Who

Our team meets with Port Terminal Managers frequently, and we have great relationships that helps us to get past big problems.  Who to go to?  We know and we do it every day!

Industry Collaboration

No single person has all the answers.  Golden State is a founding member of the Harbor Trucking Association, The HTA is comprised of the top port draymen who colloborate to promote best practices, and solve industry issues collectively.


Our reputation is very important to us.  Our commitment to our clients, vendors, contract drivers and staff is held in high regard. We take great pride in being good custodians.