Golden State Logistics

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Public Warehousing Services

  •     One for One Transloads

  •     Devan, distribute (immediate distribution

  •     Segregate

  •     Label

  •     Palletize

  •     Inventory

  •     Time Release Shipments

  •     LTL or Full Load shipping (including UPS)

  •     A full compliment of warehouse equipment

  •     Rework of rail rejected cargo

  •     Transload and recoup storm damaged containers


Commodities Handled:

Consumer products of all kinds, Food components, fabric, clothing, beer kegs, steel products

Our typical warehouse customer is one that brings in from five to sixty loads per month, requires a high level of communication about the status of his containers and their contents, and moves most of the product out within two weeks.

Customer like our hands on approach to handling their cargo, and the ability to work with the same Customer Service Representative who knows their needs at GSL.

All services are provided under terms of a warehouse contract between GSL and the depositor of the goods in our warehouse.